My Recent Work

Collage Spring 2013
Recently working on collages with hand painted and stamped tissue paper. This one is of early buds on the trees I was watching during the long, cool spring here in D.C. this year. It seemed to take the blooms so long to form.


These two ink drawings were completed in the same sitting, looking up through the branches of the trees on an evening in early May. I wanted to capture the impression of the pattern of the branches and foliage on the evening sky with a combination of line and brush work with the ink.


Working with scale in creating a collage, I developed an original study (4"x4") and then maintained the composition in an enlarged version (36" x 36"). The final work is a collage with tissue, charcoal, pastel, and acrylic paint on paper.


Learning to develop the etching plate was a challenging process. I enjoyed using an original drawing for the etching and then creating multiple variations in prints. Here is a proof of the etching, based on a drawing of an orchid, and then also a couple of experiments with chine-colle (a printmaking technique similar to collage).